A car travels 60kilometer in 1 hour. At the same rate what distance will be covered by this car in y hour ​


A car travels 60kilometer in 1 hour. At the same rate what distance will be covered by this car in y hour

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    To approach this differently without finding the rate per unit time (in this case hours), we can just simply use a ratio.

    You travel 60km per 90 minutes which is equivalent to  60km90min  

    This is by definition a rate (r=d/t). We want to know how long (time) it will take to travel 100km

    So we are looking for  100kmt . Because the rates are the same, the two expressions are equal and thus can be set equal.


    Cross multiply the denominator of t and 90min to the opposite sides.


    Finish solving for t

    Divide by 60km on both sides.


    Now simplify.

    The km over km will cancel and we will be left with units of time in minutes. I will do the multiplication at this time as well.


    Again, simplify by doing the division to arrive at


    If you want time in hours simply divide by 60 to get to 2.5 hours

    Another way to look at this is after understanding the above process of using a proportion we can skip quite a few steps.

    We are going 60km in 90 minutes. We want to scale up the distance (and time) to be 100km. We can multiply our original distance and time by the scale we want. We want to know the solution for 100km instead of 60. well 100km is  53  longer than 60km. I figured that our by saying  100km60km  and simplifying to  53 . As such we can simply multiply our time by  53  since we already did it to the distance of 60km to get to 100km. So our  5⋅90min3=150min  

    Hopefully these work well for you. I use these types of proportions to do mental math very quickly in my head by simply using fractions to scale things – especially when it comes to distance/rate/time types of things.

    Step-by-step explanation:



    60y km.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    speed = distance/time

    speed = 60km/1hr

    speed = 60 kmph.

    Now, again    speed = distance/time


                          distance=60 * y

                          distance = 60y km.

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