by how much is the anar dearer to guava​


by how much is the anar dearer to guava​

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    anar define it……………..



    The desi guava, which used to cost anywhere between ₹30 and ₹50 a kilogram, was sold for ₹80 a kilogram – same as the usually pricey apples – at the wholesale market in Koyambedu on Friday. Apples were sold at ₹80–₹120 a kilogram depending on the variety and quality. Neighbourhood shops and grocers sold guava for ₹100-₹120 a kilogram.

    Vendors said that next week, the cost is likely to go up to ₹100 a kg at Koyambedu. This means the price at retail markets will increase by at least 20%.

    Until last week, the cost of guava was hovering around ₹40-₹60 a kg.

    “This is usually the time the fruit is in high demand. People buy it for both Krishna Jayanthi and Ganesh Chaturti. It’s the time the price is at its peak,” said Senthil Kumar, a vendor.

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