can anyone explain me whole story of bulbul. please​


can anyone explain me whole story of bulbul. please​

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    Bulbbul is married to Indranil, the Bado Thakur, when she is barely five years old. She initially assumes that she is marrying Satya, Thakur’s brother, who is closer to her age. Bulbbul and Satya spend all their time together telling each other stories of witchcraft.

    Twenty years later, Satya returns back. It is revealed that in the interim, Indranil’s identical twin brother Mahendra was killed in what is believed to be a witch’s attack, Mahendra’s widow Binodini lives in an outhouse, Indranil has left the village and Bulbbul has taken over his responsibilities. The village doctor, Sudip, regularly visits to check on Bulbbul’s feet. While on a hunt, one of the men is killed, which is attributed to the witch (chudail). Satya, however, concludes that it was a human who is behind the murders and begins to suspect Sudip.

    Through the course of flashbacks it is revealed that Binodini had indicated to Indranil that Bulbbul was attracted to Satya. In response, Indranil sent Satya to London and punished Bulbbul, mutilating her feet. While bedridden, Mahendra rapes her. Bulbbul is extremely mentally disturbed as a result and there is a symbolic transformation. Bulbbul is then revealed to be the chudail with reversed feet who kills the men of the village when they abuse their wives.

    Satya escorts Sudip to Calcutta on the charges of being the murderer. While on the way, the driver of the carriage is killed by the chudail, leading Satya to believe that Sudip is innocent. However, Satya shoots the chudail and intending to kill her, first mortally wounds her and then lights the forest on fire. He realises that Bulbbul is the chudail only when Sudip shouts for her.

    Later, Indranil returns to an empty house, after Satya’s departure. He is awoken from his sleep by Bulbbul, who emerges from embers

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