Four right angles form a _____ angle ​


Four right angles form a _____ angle

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    complete angle

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    Learning Objective(s)

    · Identify properties, including angle measurements, of quadrilaterals.


    Quadrilaterals are a special type of polygon. As with triangles and other polygons, quadrilaterals have special properties and can be classified by characteristics of their angles and sides. Understanding the properties of different quadrilaterals can help you in solving problems that involve this type of polygon.

    Defining a Quadrilateral

    Picking apart the name “quadrilateral” helps you understand what it refers to. The prefix “quad-” means “four,” and “lateral” is derived from the Latin word for “side.” So a quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon.

    Since it is a polygon, you know that it is a two-dimensional figure made up of straight sides. A quadrilateral also has four angles formed by its four sides. Below are some examples of quadrilaterals. Notice that each figure has four straight sides and four angles.

    Interior Angles of a Quadrilateral

    The sum of the interior angles of any quadrilateral is 360°. Consider the two examples below.

    You could draw many quadrilaterals such as these and carefully measure the four angles. You would find that for every quadrilateral, the sum of the interior angles will always be 360°.

    You can also use your knowledge of triangles as a way to understand why the sum of the interior angles of any quadrilateral is 360°. Any quadrilateral can be divided into two triangles as shown in the images below.

    In the first image, the quadrilaterals have each been divided into two triangles. The angle measurements of one triangle are shown for each.

    These measurements add up to 180º. Now look at the measurements for the other triangles—they also add up to 180º!

    Since the sum of the interior angles of any triangle is 180° and there are two triangles in a quadrilateral, the sum of the angles for each quadrilateral is 360°.

    Step-by-step explanation:


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