If a = -3 9÷ -3 8 . Find the value of a 3 b 7 7 b​


If a = -3 9÷ -3 8

. Find the value of a 3

b 7 7 b​

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    Policy actions to combat the impact of COVID-19 have been undertaken by G-20 countries including India, where the repo rate has been reduced to a historic low of 4.4% and a relief package amounting to INR 1.7 lakh crore has been introduced. With subdued tax revenue performance, stimulus initiatives will have to rely largely on additional borrowing by center and states.

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    The already slowing Indian economy is now faced with COVID-19, a global pandemic which is fast turning into an economic pandemic. The economic impact of the COVID-19 will be a function of the magnitude and speed at which it spreads and duration over which it lasts within India and across the globe.

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18:9+8+9*3-7:3-1*13 = ? ( )