if one fifth of an turn an object moves to which angle​


if one fifth of an turn an object moves to which angle​

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    Each programming language uses its own special command to move an object, and you can write different pseudocode expressions to represent the process of moving an object onscreen. The move number (measured in number of pixels) pseudocode command represents moving an object some distance in the direction in which the object is pointing. An example is move 5 or move 15, with the larger number representing a larger distance moved.

    Another way to make an object move is to change its x-coordinate or its y-coordinate.

    changex number

    changey number

    Changing the x-coordinate forever creates horizontal motion. Changing the y-coordinate forever creates vertical motion.

    To make an object move constantly, place a motion command inside a forever command:

    forever [move number]

    forever [changex number]

    forever [changey number]

    Move forever commands are useful for makin

    Step-by-step explanation:

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