In the chapter The Meeting Pool Fill in the blanks Anil bought a bed sheet in order to ​


In the chapter The Meeting Pool Fill in the blanks Anil bought a bed sheet in order to ​

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    What did the boys not realize when they made that pledge?

    They didn’t realize that they would go different ways and theirs lives would be way different than what it is now.

    Why did he push through the forest? Did he notice some thing?

    He heard the murmur of water and wanted to find its source. He wanted to see and touch the water.

    What indicates that Rusty was greatly excited when he saw the pool?

    When Rusty saw this pool, he turned back and ran to tell the others.

    What are the similarities and differences between Somi and Anil?

    Anil was quite moody and impulsive yet charming. Somi on the other hand was gentle in his own ways, yet he too like Anil had a sense of fun, and chose the adventures they would go on.

    Did the others recognize it was Rusty’s discovery?

    If so in what way?

    Somi said that they would call it Rusty’s Pool in his honor. The others accepted the pool as discovery.

    How did Rusty describe Somi as a boy? What was he like when he saw Somi recently?

    Somi was a gentle yet fun boy. As a grown up, he had a fierce military moustache.

    What activities other than swimming, took place at the pool?

    The boys tried to catch fish, wrestled and rode buffaloes.

    Did Rusty remember his pledge all along and made sure that he returned to the pool at the correct date?

    Rusty returned to the pool as a grown-up because he happened to be in the same place. The words ‘In April, I happened to be in the same part of the country, and I would atleast keep my part of the pledge’ indicate the answer

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