o The Atlantic Ocean has a deep import the climate of Europe Europe as well as and livelihood of the people of Europe Collect


o The Atlantic Ocean has a deep import
the climate of Europe
Europe as well as
and livelihood of the people of Europe Collect
relevant information and write an eassy on the theme
on the life​

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    The Atlantic Ocean has a great impact on the climate of Europe as well as on the lives and livelihood of the people of Europe.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Cultivation is a way of life for them. Wheat is produced in large quantities have. Wheat is the main crop in the Europe plains. Fruit cultivation is prominent in southern Europe and fruits are used for making wine. They made a living from poultry farming. Large holdings and mechanised farming enable European farmers.

    European live in comfortable houses equipped with modern amenities. They use gas and electrical store for cooking.

    Few people in Europe are depend an agriculture. Most of them work in industry or service sector like banks transport etc. Even those who work in the field of agriculture are helped by the government with a lot of subsidy to carry on farming as it gives them less income than other kinds of work. The government pays them for carrying on agriculture in the village

    (2) Which of the following is not a land locked

    *Which mountains like between the Caspian sea and the Black sea

    Caucasus Mountain

    Norway and Russia

    *Can a ship sail from the Black sea to the Atlantic Ocean?

    Deep gulfs or bays are preferred for building harbours as large ships can be anchored in them. Ships need deep waters so that their bottoms do not touch the sea floor and where they can be safely loaded or unloaded.

    The winters less severe in Western Europe because he climate of Western Europe is influenced by another factor. The countries of Western Europe those are located along the sea coast. The waster lies blow all the years round. These winds are warmer them than the land temperature and are moist too. The climate of Western Europe is affected by these Warm and moist winds all year round.

    The name of four countries on the coast of the Black sea. Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

    The Westerlies which blow throughout the year benefit the people of western Europe these are –

    (i) Westerlies bring ample moisture to Northern and southern Europe.

    (ii) Wastern Europe also benefits in other ways from the Gulf stream. The warm currents are very good for fish breeding as they contain ample food material for the fishes.

    (iii) For the Westerlies the fishery industry is well developed in Europe.

    The characteristics of the Mediterranean climate is

    (i) The winters here are not too cold and summers are warm.

    (ii) It does not rain all through the year.

    (iii) The weterlies blow here during the winter months only.

    (iv) This is very good for growing juicy fruits.

    There are many factors that limit European agriculture they are

    (i) The plains of Europe experiences heavy snowfall and bitter cold in winter.

    (ii) I snows on the plains also.

    (iii) The sun shines once in a while.

    (iv) The sun rises very late in the day

    (v) Some countries have very little agricultural land. For example only 3% of the land in Norway is available for Cultivation.

    The important crops of Southern Europe is wheat, rye, burley, corn, Sugar but and oats.

    The arrival of European Sailors has greatly improved the trade and commerce of countries. At present the countries of the world are moving ahead with each other. Countries importing and exporting new products to each other have improved the quality of life of the people.

    In Europe, agriculture is practised as a commercial enterprise just as any industry, The farmers make his living by selling their entire produce and getting all of their requirements from the market.

    The agriculture technology they use also requires the use of hybrid seeds, Chemical fertilisers, pesticides etc.

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