To construct a parallelogram we need ​


To construct a parallelogram we need

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    construct line segment AB of length 7 cm.

    From point A, mark an arc taking 5 cm as radius.

    From point B, mark an arc taking 4 cm as radius. …

    Extend AO and BO. …

    Similarly mark an arc on extended ray BO of radius 4 cm. …

    Join AD, DC and BC


    Check it through I’m giving a example…

    Parallelogram MORE


    OR = 6cm

    RE = 4.5 cm

    EO = 7.5cm

    To construct a parallelogram MORE

    • Draw a line E and O of 7.5cm
    • Draw an arc from R to M of 4.5cm and then join it.
    • Draw an arc from O to R of 6cm and then join it.
    • As we know, a parallelogram has all opposite angle equal. So draw a the other side as given and give the name MO and RO.
    • Join it.

    See the attachment, it’s constructed.

    Material use :-

    Compasses, scale and pencil

    Hope it’s help…

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