write a letter for my fature leg i cant join online classes. likh do koi Didi ki teacher ko Dena h​


write a letter for my fature leg i cant join online classes.

likh do koi Didi ki teacher ko Dena h​

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    Respected Sir,

    I am Shrabani Mondol who is pursuing Post Graduation in our college having roll number…

    I have recently got an opportunity to work as an finance officer in XYZ Co. I would like to accept the offer of appointment. And also I wish to continue my post graduation.

    Hence, I request your kind permission for halt in regular attendance for college. I will attend classes every weekends and also I will attend all exams and practical sessions without any failure.

    Hope I will get your complete support and cooperation. Thanking you sir.

    Yours Sincerely,student

    ……………….. name

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    Dear Dad,

    hope you are fine dad.how is mom?how is everyone in the house?i am here fine too.as now a days our computer studies are becoming really harder.and also our teachers has asked us to make 3 projects on each and every chapter.we are having computers in our school but i don’t know how to use a computer.i searched on internet and there i found a computer class which teaches you how to do anything on computer and they can help us with or homeworks too.i went yesterday to that class and asked about it.the fees is $750o for the whole year.kindly allow me to join the computer class as it will help me a lot with my computer studies.hope you will not say no.and tell mom that i am totally fine here and i will come to meet you in my summer holidays.take care of yourself and everyone.hope you understand.take care.see you soon.

    your daughter

    (your name

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