Write in brief:- a) Guiseppe Mazzini b) The Greek war of independence​


Write in brief:-
a) Guiseppe Mazzini
b) The Greek war of independence​

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    a)Guiseppe Mazzini


    22 June 1805


    Italian politician, journalist and activist.


    =>He helped bring the independent and unified Italy in place of the several separate states.

    =>He was dominated by foreign powers, that existed until the 19th century

    =>He also helped define the modern European movement for popular democracy in a republican state.


    b)The Greek war of independence​

    Period of war


    Second name of the war

    Greek Revolution

    Reason of war

    => Greek exile communities in Britain and the United States and with the aid of sympathizers in Western Europe, they planned the rebellion

    => The society’s basic objective was a revival of the Byzantine Empire, with Constantinople as the capital, not the formation of a national state.

  1. Emma

    Guiseppe Mazzini

    Giuseppe Mazzini born in Genoa in 1807, was an Italian revolutionary He was a member of the secret society of the Carbonari. At the age of 24, he was sent into exile in 1831 for attempting a revolution in Liguria. He founded underground societies named ‘Young Italy’ in Marseilles and ‘Young Europe’ in Berne, whose members were like-minded young men from Poland, France, Italy and the German States.

    The Greek war of independence

    The Greek War of Independence (1821–1829), also commonly known as the Greek Revolution, was a successful war by the Greeks who won independence for Greece from the Ottoman Empire.

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